02 Nov 2018

ATOM 13 Workshop

The 13th ATOM workshop took place in Oxford University's prestigious Corpus Christi College from the 12th to the 13th of April 2018. 

Topics ranging from applications of neural networks to electron microscopy, statistical and spectroscopic methods for quantitative analysis and examples of applications of electron microscopy as a tool to answer some of the fundamental heterogeneous catalysis questions were discussed.



05 Sep 2016

World-leading ePSIC centre launched

A pioneering new centre for the study of nanoscale materials involving University of Oxford researchers has opened near the city, giving a boost to the UK's world-leading science and technology infrastructure.

Oxfordshire's cutting-edge electron Physical Science Imaging Centre (ePSIC), located at Diamond Light Source on Harwell Campus, is the result of collaboration between a research facility, academia and industry. Diamond, the UK's synchrotron, has partnered with the University of Oxford and the global speciality chemicals company Johnson Matthey to bring a unique set of tools to the centre. Funding for the construction of the new building included contributions from the Wellcome Trust, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, and a £2m contribution from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

28 Aug 2016

European Microscopy Award (EMAward) at EMC2016

Professor Angus Kirkland was selected as the winner of the Materials Sciences award (including instrumental and methodological developments) for his outstanding achievements in theoretical and instrumental areas such as pioneering exit-wave reconstruction, EM ptychography and detector design.



29 Nov 2015

Harald Rose Distinguished Lecture Award 2015 - Prof Angus Kirkland

Congratulations to Prof Angus Kirkland on being awarded the
Harald Rose Distinguished Lecture Award 2015
by the German Society for Electron Microscopy, for his experimental and theoretical work on image formation and image restoration.
31 Jul 2015

Visiting PhD student

Ms Hadas Sternlicht, a PhD student from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), visited our group in July 2015. She spent her time here learning to use exit wave restoration software to study grain boundaries in strontium titanate.

18 Sep 2014

Eighth Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration

In September 2014, the ATOM VIII workshop took place again in Oxford.

Two days of discussions were held in the newly built Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford. The topics, as usual, focused on applications of exit wave restoration in materials science, advanced image processing and quantification, development of exit wave tomography as well as electron microscopy applications in materials science in general.

21 Jan 2014

Seventh Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration

Electron Microscopy for Materials Science (EMAT) group of University of Antwerp hosted the ATOM VII workshop in January 2013.

This workshop involved discussions about applications of electron microscopy in materials science and also about electron exit wave restoration in both TEM and STEM modes. The participants of the workshop, coming from Belgium, China, UK and Taiwan, enjoyed exceptional Belgian hospitality.

10 May 2013

Sixth Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration

The ATOM VI workshop took place in April 2013 in Taiwan and was kindly hosted by Professor Fu-Rong Chen. The widening geographic locations of the workshop were equally matched by the growing number of participants and widening topics that were discussed in the meeting. The participants included colleagues from Belgium (Antwerp), China (Beijing), UK (Oxford) and Taiwan (Hsin Chu). Among topics for discussions were novel developments in electron microscopy and materials imaging, including a number of topics in exit wave restoration and its applications.

01 Dec 2012

Visitor to study metallic glasses

Mrs Valentina Hrabcakova from the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, P. J. Safarik University (Slovakia), has spent two months in our group from October till November 2012 learning about approaches to studying local atomic structure of NiZr metallic glass using experimental electron diffraction and theoretical simulations. She worked with Dr Konstantin Borisenko.



02 Jun 2012

Fifth Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration

The ATOM V workshop was held in June 2012 in Antwerp in the historic Hof van Liere building of the University of Antwerp's City Campus. Topics for discussions in this meeting included exit wave restoration in TEM and STEM, novel approaches for atomic resolution electron tomography and quantitative interpretation of electron exit wave data and HAADF STEM images.

The participants were (on the photo from left to right) Annick De Backer (Antwerp), Sandra Van Aert (Antwerp), Konstantinos Konstantinou (Antwerp), Lewys Jones (Oxford), Ta-Kun Chen (Antwerp), Gerardo Martinez (Antwerp), Ivan Lobato (Antwerp), Katherine MacArthur (Oxford), Amy Wang (Antwerp), Ciney Tang (Antwerp), Dirk Van Dyck (Antwerp), Konstantin Borisenko (Oxford), Fu-Rong Chen (Hsin Chu, Taiwan) and Angus Kirkland (Oxford).

27 Feb 2012

Fourth Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration

The 4th ATOM (Antwerp-Taiwan-Oxford Microscopy) meeting went beyond the previously established topic of exit wave reconstruction. It was held at the beautiful Blenheim Palace near Oxford in January 2012 and included thirteen speakers from across all the workshop partners. Please see Further Link on this page for workshop handbook with talk titles and abstract.

The first and third days of the workshop were focussed on HRTEM techniques and exit-wave reconstruction, whilst the second day focused more on STEM techniques.


01 Jul 2011

Third Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration

Now in its second year running the 3rd workshop on Exit wave restoration was held in Academia Belgica in Rome in May 2011.

As all previous meetings it was dedicated to informal discussions of recent progress in electron exit wave restoration and analysis, taking advantage of the facilities and hospitality of the Academia.

The participants are (from left to right) Lewys Jones (Oxford), Ivan Lobato (Antwerp), Dirk Van Dyck (Antwerp), Amy Wang (Antwerp), Angus Kirkland (Oxford), Konstantin Borisenko (Oxford), Fu-Rong Chen (Hsin Chu, Taiwan).

10 Dec 2010

Second Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration

The Second Antwerp-Oxford Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration was held in Antwerp in December 2010.

Novel methods of electron exit wave analysis were discussed in this second meeting between Oxford and Antwerp groups, which also included Fu-Rong Chen from National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan). The pictured participants are George Theodossiou (Oxford), Sandra Van Aert (Antwerp), Lewys Jones (Oxford), Amy Wang (Antwerp), Annick De Backer (Antwerp), Dirk Van Dyck (Antwerp), Angus Kirkland (Oxford), Konstantin Borisenko (Oxford), Neil Young (Oxford), and Fu-Rong Chen (Hsin Chu).

10 Aug 2010

First Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration

The Oxford Image Analysis Group has hosted the first Antwerp-Oxford Workshop on Exit Wave Restoration.

These workshops are informal meetings focusing on quantitative analysis of electron exit wave restoration, where novel research ideas and plans for future collaboration are discussed. Participants at this workshop included Dirk Van Dyck (Antwerp), Angus Kirkland (Oxford), Konstantin Borisenko (Oxford), Lewys Jones (Oxford), Amy Wang (Antwerp), Judy Kim (Oxford).