Dr Judy Kim

Departmental Lecturer
Principal Staff Scientist in Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy
BSc (Northwestern University), PhD (California, Davis)

Judy Kim is the lead on the technological delivery of the two time-resolved high-resolution transmission electron microscopes to be built at the Rosalind Franklin Institute at the Harwell STFC Campus. The new instruments will differ from traditional TEM by enabling faster analysis of dynamic and in-situ behaviour of materials in both physical and life sciences. It will utilise a pulsed electron packet as the probe for fast snap-shot images and movies at high resolution. In life sciences, this instrument should enable the imaging of materials as snap-shots before radiation damage changes the specimen structure, removing the need for image reconstruction.

Judy also spends time on the characterisation of functional materials in collaboration with users of the electron Physical Sciences Imaging Centre (ePSIC) at Diamond Light Source. This entails analysis using a double-aberration corrected (S)TEM down to 47pm spatial resolution for in-situ (heating, cooling, biasing), 4D STEM and spectroscopy (EDS, EELS) experiments.

In the past, she has worked extensively on materials characterization of 2D hexagonal materials via HRTEM focal series exit wave reconstruction. These 2D materials (such as graphene and h-BN) are an important new option for nanoscale devices and catalysis given their large surface areas and electronic properties. In order to achieve this experimental characterization work, we use aberration corrected TEM at lower doses, as the materials are often sensitive to the electron beam.

The JEOL 2200MCO TEM was managed and supported by Judy from 2012-2016 in conjunction with the Oxford Materials TSG group. This double aberration corrected TEM/STEM instrument is equipped with a monochromated gun and omega energy filter. See the instruments link in the left menu for more specifications.

Judy has previously worked in the Dynamic TEM field to achieve the first nanosecond-nanometer scale images using an electron packet (1x10^7 electrons) as the probe. Her work focused on the characterization of the fast phase transition behavior in reactive multilayer foils.

Contact Details

30.23 Holder Building
Department of Materials, University of Oxford
Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PH
Telephone: 01865 283217
Diamond Tel: 01235 567673
E-mail: judy.kim_at_materials.ox.ac.uk



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