Ofentse Makgae

D.Phil Student.
B.Tech (Cum Laude), (TUT); MSc (distinction), (Wits).

Ofentse Makage

Ofentse works on the applications of in situ aberration corrected electron microscopy and synchrotron X-ray diffraction on nanocrysalline materials. It has become extremely important to understand the change in the atomic structure of the active metal and metal oxide nanocatalysts over time during reaction/ near reaction conditions, as this provide insights into the relationship between surface structure, chemistry, catalytic activity and selectivity. This project aims to use aberration corrected electron microscopy (atomic resolution imaging & spectroscopy) together with synchrotron XRD to study metal and metal oxide catalysts under in situ gas phase and variable temperature environments. Techniques that take advantage of correlated imaging using both electrons and X-ray photons will also be developed. This work is carried out at University of Oxford’s Department of Materials and electron Physical Science Imaging Centre (ePSIC) at Diamond Light Source, Harwell Campus.

Ofentse is a member of Linacre College on a Rhodes Scholarship.

Contact Details

30.16 Holder Building
Department of Materials, University of Oxford
Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PH
Telephone: +44(0) 7460286132
E-mail: ofentse.makgae@materials.ox.ac.uk