Highlighted Publications

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Direct Detection of Electron Backscatter Diffraction Patterns, Angus J Wilkinson, Grigore Moldovan, T Benjamin Britton, Robert Clough, Angus I Kirkland, Phys. Rev. Letts, 111, 065506, 2013

Spacial Control of Defect Creation in Graphene at the Nanoscale, A. W. Robertson,C. S. Allen, Y.A. Wu, K. He, J. Olivier, J. Neethling, A. I. Kirkland, J. H. Warner, Nature Communications, 3, 1144, 2012.

The Local Structure of Amorphous Silicon, Michael M. J. Treacy and Konstantin B. Borisenko, Science, 335, 950-953, 2012.

Dislocation Driven Dynamics in Graphene, J. H. Warner, E. R. Margine, M. Mukai, A. R. Robertson, F. Giustino, A. I. Kirkland, Science, 337, 209,2012.

Three Dimensional Elemental Mapping of Hollow Fe3O4@SiO2 Mesoporous Spheres Using Scanning Confocal Electron Microscopy, P. Wang, A. Hashimoto, M. Takeguchi, K. Mitsuishi, M. Shimojo, Angus I. Kirkland, and Peter D. Nellist, Appl. Phys. Letts,. 100, 213117, 2012.

Resolving Strain in Carbon Nanotubes at the Atomic Level ,J.H. Warner, N. P. Young, A. I. Kirkland, G. A. D. Briggs, Nature Materials, 10, 958, 2011.

Controlled Radiation Damage and Edge Structures in Boron Nitride Membranes, J. S. Kim, K. B. Borisenko, V. Nicolosi, A. I. Kirkland, ACS Nano, 5(5), 3977, 2011.

Characterization of a Direct Detection Device Imaging Camera for Transmission Electron Microscopy, A-C. Milazzo, G. Moldovan, J. Lanman, L. Jin, J. C. Bouwer, S. Klienfelder, S. T. Peltier, M.H. Ellisman, A. I. Kirkland and N.-H. Xuong, Ultramicroscopy, 110, 744, 2010.

Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of Branched Palladium Nanostructures, J. Watt, N. Young, S. Haigh, A. Kirkland, and R. Tilley, Adv. Mat, 21, 2288, 2009.

Imaging Atomic Structure Beyond the Axial Information Limit in the Electron Microscope, S. Haigh, H. Sawada, A. I. Kirkland, Phys. Rev. Letts, 103, 126101, 2009.

Nanogold: A Quantiative Phase Map, A. S. Barnard, N. P. Young A. I. Kirkland, M. A. van Huis and H. Xu, ACS Nano, 3, 1431, 2009.